Fairview Church

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Coffee & 
@ 10:00  am.
Worship @ 10:30 am.

It was God's plan and design that people enjoy a relationship with others and with Him.
We are wonderfully and beautifully made to enjoy one another within and without the church.
Fairview is designed for those who wish to joyfully celebrate and worship God.
We are a place were people of all ages and cultures connect. Everyone receives acceptance, love, forgiveness and encouragement.
Fairview is a place were people discover and encounter Jesus Christ in a real and personal way and were we freely express our joyful worship to God.


If you would like to make a connection with us......why not join us for a Sunday morning worship celebration service? We know that you will receive a warm and friendly welcome. You will find a loving group of people who accept one another unconditionally.
Come and enjoy our many wonderful and exciting programs...just for you and your family to enjoy.

Thanks for checking us out "on-line" Now check us out in person!